The Introduction to Spiral Bound Book Printing

If you are new for book printing and binding,Spiral Bound Book Printing is one of the book printing and binding options you need to know.So keep reading.

What is spiral binding?

spiral bound book printing

Spiral binding, also known as coil binding, is a popular binding method to connect the pages and covers of a bound document.

It uses durable plastic or metal coils to insert and twist through small holes punched along the spine edge of the book cover and page. The coil connects the page and cover together as a component, but still allows them to open with ease. Spiral bound books are easy to handle and lay flat when open (180 degrees).

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What are the pros of a spiral bound book printing?

1.Lay flat

This type of book is great for writing. There are no worries about it opening and spilling contents everywhere, which allows you to focus on your work and not how to prevent a mess.

Because they lay flat when opened, there is less strain put on your hand and wrist when writing, especially for long periods. Also it allows two people at once can both be referencing it.

Because they can be fully opened, it can prevent important information from being buried near the spine of the book.

2.Take up less space

Spiral bound books can be folded all the way to themselves, but still remain flat, so they provide a convenient reference and occupy the minimum space on a desk or table.

3.Turn much easier and stay put

This type of book is also great if you like to highlight and make notes in your books because the pages turn much easier than a regular one. At the same time, since the spiral bound pages have no spinal tension, this allows the pages of the spiral bound book to remain unchanged without having to keep open to view the content.

4.Accommodate low or high page counts

Spiral coils have a variety of diameters to accommodate books of different thicknesses. The more pages in the book, the larger the coil diameter must be in order to obtain proper function and beauty. As mentioned earlier, the coil can be plastic or metal, but plastic is more common due to a wider range of color choices. In addition, plastic coils are more resistant to deformation than metal coils.

5.A ready-made binding method

Spiral binding is an attractive binding option especially for short-run printing needs. It is popular because it is a fairly simple process that does not require adhesives, folding signatures, or a lot of preparation. In addition, spiral coils are usually stocked in various sizes and colors to supplement various documents.

6.Provide navigation with index labels

Spiral binding provides a professional look for your books. It works very well with index labels to mark commonly used pages or divides book into multiple parts. You can color code these index labels, or even paste a small label outside the book to simplify navigation, which helps you quickly refer to topics for seamless presentation.

7.Generally cheaper to produce

In most cases, spiral binding is also less expensive than many other types of binding, allowing for all size books to be produced at an affordable price.

What are the cons of a spiral bound book printing?

1.Can be undone

Although spiral binding is convenient to use, it is not the best choice for traveling. Sometimes spiral coils are easy to catch on things. If both ends get damaged, the book is in danger of unraveling.

2.May cause page damage

If you plan to use spiral binding, I hope your readers are ready to take care of their books. Because many designs with spiral binding make the page edges more exposed, the contents of the book are easy to be damaged.

3.Generally not accepted

For standard distribution and retail channel, this binding option is generally not accepted.

4.Difficult to stack up

Because of the spiral coils, you will never be able to arrange spiral notebooks in a clean stack. They have to be placed vice versa. If not one side will be higher than the other.

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What’s the difference between spiral bound book and wire-o bound book?

The main difference lies in the materials used. In spiral binding, plastic binding is usually used. Instead, wire-o binding uses metal. The method you choose usually depends on how often you need books. If the book is not used frequently, the spiral binding option can reduce the printing cost, but does not affect the function. For books that are often used in daily life, wire-o binding version may be more recommended.

The main styles of wire-o binding are comb and double loop binding. These designs come in a variety of lengths and colors, depending on the end use of the book and customer preferences.

On the other hand, the binding process of spiral binding is slightly different. The edge of the printing paper must be pre punched to insert the spiral. For spiral binding items, you have many choices. However, it is necessary to remind you: how often are these books used and how thick are the final books? For best results, keep the number of book pages below 300.

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When to consider spiral bound book printing?

If you want to print books that need to be easy to handle and the pages need to be flat, spiral binding is a great choice. Think about calendarscoffee table books and displaysvisual presentationscookbooksbookletssales brochures, and so on.

If you are writing a travel guide or you can imagine what your audience needs to take with them on the trip, spiral binding may not be the best choice. And although they can be well used as school supplies, they are not durable enough for children to use often. Spiral binding is also not suitable for office supplies such as notebooks that you may want to add pages later.

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How long does spiral binding take?

Spiral binding does not take that long and is suitable for small batch production of hundreds of books. Binding 100 pages takes about 5 minutes, but does not include printing and inspection.


Spiral bound book printing is widely used and has existed for many years, but it doesn't look old-fashioned. I find spiral binding book products such as calendars, brochures and cookbooks very durable.

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