Custom Notebook Printing in 2022 - 8 Ways to Help Your Book Stand Out

Custom Notebook Printing

Speaking of notebook printing, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Well it might be that notebook printing is a standard type of business and its common knowledge. However did you know there are different ways of doing it and some ways will make your prints stand out more than others. Make sure you pick wisely on which way you want to do wtih your custom notebook printing because that could determine the success or failure of your business.

Here are 8 ways to make your custom notebook printing stand out.Check them now.


The design of the cover is extremely important as this is the first thing people see when they come across your book,so make sure that you have a great cover design. Think about this when you're designing your custom notebooks. A cover should be a 'taster' of the interior pages, encapsulating everything that's inside into one design.Having a stylish cover for your custom notebooks can make all the difference to how they are received by people who are given them.

You can add a multitude of images and designs to your cover. People who receive your notebooks will be drawn in by the front cover. But give them too much of a good thing and they may feel overwhelmed and skip reading what's inside.We recommend that you try to strike the right balance between the exterior design and interior pages.

Printing your notebooks with plastic cover is another way of making it stand out because most people don't do this and go for paper instead. Plastic is water proof, durable, scratch resistant and has great ink absorption properties. If you're looking to print something that will last a long time then plastic cover printing is best for you.

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Use internal binding so your notebook will be able to lay flat on any surface. This is important especially in schools, offices and conventions where you need people to look at your notebooks easily without having to bend them over the whole time. There are certain printers that can print flat and use an internal binding so it will lay flat on any surface.

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Custom Notebook Printing

If you want your printed notebooks to stand out, the simple solution is to go for sharp images and colors on your prints. The best way of doing this is by going for printers that have at least 8 colors in their ink tank.

Then use contrasting colors. One of the most important parts of making an impact through custom notebook printing is how the colors play off each other. What you want to aim for are strong contrasts between fonts, text boxes, backgrounds and images. This will create the right amount of tension and highlight your focal points.


Using quality paper stock for your custom notebooks is important to give that professional look. You may be tempted to use cheaper paper, but this will give your notebooks a cheap feel. Remember, you can't escape the fact that they are indeed made of paper! Cheap paper is flimsy and feels like newspaper.

It's also worth considering investing in bleedproof paper where possible. This gives your designs an even greater impact by allowing the colour to extend right to the edge of the page. The result is that your design will look even more vibrant and colourful than it would on uncoated paper.


Printing your logo on the cover of the notebook also helps to make it stand out.  People can easily identify your brand from the logo on the notebook. Also, people will be using this notebook every day therefore they can see your brand multiple times a day. People getting to know your brand is one of the benefits for printing your logo on their notebooks.  

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Custom Notebook Printing

When it comes to notebooks, the more functions it provides, the better. For example, you can get notebooks printed with a bookmarker, or even pockets on the dividers. The more functions that your customers need from the notebook, the more likely they will need to use it. You don't want your custom notebook to be buried in other books in the store because it doesn't provide the essential functions they need.

7.Additional features

The final step is to make sure your custom notebooks stand out from the rest by adding additional features. For example, you can add cut-out shapes to the front cover of your notebook or a die-cut window in a hardcover book that reveals a special message or image on the first page. With so many options available, customizing your notebooks with just a little creativity is sure to help them sell more quickly and give your company a unique look.

8.Practical application

When you're designing your notebook printing, think about their practical applications. Will they be used by children to do their homework? Or will they be kept in a folder and taken out whenever an idea strikes?People love custom notes and notebooks because it feels like you've made a personal connection with them.Think about how your design might be used outside the scope of the original intention and you'll have covered all bases.


The above are just some of the ways that you can make your notebook print stand out more than others.Always remember to have fun during the designing process. There are no set rules when it comes to custom notebook printing, but there is definitely a science that you should follow. Many notebooks look great because of the effort that went into designing them. Always try your best and see how far it will take you.

What's important is to make sure you always use quality printing because that will determine if your print will last long and how it looks like after a number of years. If you want to know more about book printing, make sure you visit our website and we'll be glad to answer your questions and queries anytime. We're always open to your ideas and suggestions.

Now contact us for more information on quality printing!

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