Wire-o Bound Book Printing|A Full Guide

What is called wire-o book binding?

Wire-o Bound Book Printing

You must have heard of wire-o bound book printing, and what is wire-o book binding? Well,wire-o book binding, also known as twin loop, double-o, double loop, double-o and Duo wire, is a popular method for connecting pages and covers of bound documents.

Wire-o is a binding option that is used wire to attach pages quickly and easily. The wire goes through the holes on one side of the page, then looped around to connect with itself on the back side of the page. It allows for the pages to be completely opened with ease and to lay flat when open.

In addition, it can accommodate pages and inserts of different thicknesses, including separator pages or index labels made of thick cards.

What is the printing process of wire-o bound book?

First, the printing company will print your cover and inner pages on both sides of the paper. Then cut the pages according to the cutting size and sort them in the order of page numbers. Wire, commonly referred to as wire comb or double ring / double ring binding, has two pre-formed small loop pairs that look like the C-shaped spine extension of a comb. These thread rings are inserted through each square hole on the cover and page edge of the printed book to make the pages accurately arranged. The wire closer presses the spine until it becomes round, securing the cover and pages.

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What are the advantages of wire-o bound book?

Lay flat when open

Wire-o binding books can be placed flat on the table, or even redouble their efforts and open to a full 360 degrees. You can open up any page of the book and keep the book completely flat, which makes it take up less space on your desk and easier to pull out the reference page and keep it on that page for later use.Although it doesn't seem like a big deal, once you really use a wire-o binding book, you will soon realize that it brings great advantages to it.

Open to the page without keeping it open

Wire-o Bound Book Printing

You can easily turn the page and keep the book open to that page without keeping it open. Because the page can rotate 360 degrees, there is little resistance when opening each page, and there is absolutely no spine tension. This also helps keep the book in good condition, for the spine almost never wears out.This is the ideal function for a diary, manual, wall calendar, or workbook.

Accommodate low or high page counts

Wire-o binding can be used for books with as few as 16 pages, up to 400 pages, or 1 ¼ inches thick.It can easily adapt to these differences,this is because the wire-o ring has many sizes and can accommodate books of different thicknesses. The higher page counts in this book, the larger the wire gauge and ring diameter must be in order to obtain proper function and beauty. In addition to the natural metallic color of silver, wire-o binding also provides some painted colors.

Provide navigation with index labels

Wire-o book binding provides a professional look for your books. It works very well with index labels to mark commonly used pages or divides book into multiple parts. You can color code these index labels, or even paste a small label outside the book to simplify navigation, which helps you quickly refer to topics for seamless presentation.

A ready-made binding method

Although not as easily available as spiral binding, wire-o binding is still a popular binding option, especially for shorter production runs. It is popular because it is a fairly simple process that does not require adhesives, folding signatures, or a lot of preparation. In addition, metal rings are usually stocked in various sizes and colors to supplement various documents.

What are the disadvantages of wire-o bound book?

Slight ductility of wire

Since the binding is made of thin mental wire, it is indeed possible to bend slightly, especially at the edge of the book. Having said that, you can always manipulate it back to its original position.


Images that cross or span two unfolded pages are not recommended for wire-o binding because the gap between page spans and wires can cause abrupt interruptions in fully crossed spans.

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What type of book is suitable for wire-o binding?


The manuals referred here include safety training, employee training , on-site training, design service, technical guidance and operation manual. Both thick and thin manuals are suitable for wire-o binding , because choosing this binding method, your manual will help you save all important information in one place with minimal space.


Wire-o Bound Book Printing

Calendars can be used for marketing, office and home purposes. Wall calendar and desk calendar are the most commonly used calendar types on the market.

Most wire-o binding wall calendars are printed on one side, generally including 7-13 sheets. These calendars are wire-o-binding with a hanger, to support hanging on the wall ; wire-o binding desk calendar, which is very popular in the office, is a wonderful way to establish the company's image or brand in the market. In the Chinese market, the printing desk calendar is also very popular for brand promotion.

Wire-o binding calendars are very popular because you can easily turn to page of next month, which is very suitable for any office or home space.

Business report

Annual reports, commercial financial reports, development proposals, etc. are ideal for wire-o binding. As mentioned above,wire-o binding provides navigation with index labels for you can color code these index labels, or even paste a small label outside the report to simplify navigation, which helps you quickly refer to topics for seamless presentation.

Diary and workbook

Schools often require students to have wire-o binding diaries in their school supply list for a reason. Because diaries and workbooks are often used for writing, wire-o binding is a good choice. The ability to lay flat pages and turn pages to a full 360 degrees makes writing easier than other binding options.


Wire-o Bound Book Printing

The cookbook bound by wire-o can completely flatten any page during browsing, which is very easy to browse and view. You don't want to go back to the page of the cookbook you just wanted to read while holding the ingredients in your other hand. It's never a problem if use a wire-o binding cookbook. Because it has the ability to lay flat and turn to a full 360 degrees.

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What to consider before your wire-o bound book printing?

Book printing technology has evolved quite a bit over the past few decades. But one thing remains unchanged-- wire-o binding is still the most popular method for attaching your pages together. Here are some important things to consider before your wire-o bound book printing begins:

1)Who’s your target audience?

What are the books for? If you know who your target audience is, you will be able to better meet their needs in the project. Make sure this is clear before continuing with your printing project.

If you're planning on a children book printing project,check    13 Steps for Successful Custom Children Book Printing , 37 Questions to Ask Your Future Children Book Printing Company , Kids Book Printing|18 Tips Help You Save Money  ,which would guide you to successfully complete your  plan.

2) What size of wire-o bound book will you print?

There are two standard sizes of wire-o bound book. The larger one is 6" x 9", while the smaller one is 5.5" x 8.5". Of course, you can always make them in any size that satisfies your needs or fits your printing specs, but it's important to remember that wire-o size limits how many pages you can put in each book.

3) What wire-o material will you use?

Wire-o can be made from a variety of different materials, such as plastic, metal and even fabric - such as cotton and silk . Commonly used plastics include polypropylene and PVC. Polypropylene is the more economical option, but it is not as durable or recyclable.

On the other hand, PVC wire-o has a higher melting point, so publications printed on it last longer. But because of its chemical makeup, these books are harder to recycle and have a shorter lifespan overall. Metal wire-o is often more expensive, but it's just as durable as PVC wire-o. And lastly, fabric wire-o books are also fairly durable, but they are more expensive than polypropylene or metal options. They're not recyclable either.

Of course, it's also important to consider which materials fit within your budget and meet your printing specifications.

4) How do I know what size of wire-o hole punch I'll need?

Well, if you're using the standard 6" x 9", there's no need to get a special size (which would be expensive). You can use the same hole punches that you'd use for books.If you're printing a different size of wire-o bound book, you'll have to measure your spines and get a custom punch.

5) How thick should my wire-o bound book be?

In general, books with more pages are thicker-- so if you print a lot of pages (say 100 or more), then your wire-o bound book will be thicker. But chances are that people will be more interested in getting a thin wire-o bound book than something bulky and heavy.

6) What kind of paper do you want?

The thickness of your paper will influences how thick or thin your wire-o binding is. Generally, thicker paper need thicker wire-o binding, but both of these things depend more on the number of pages and covers than anything else.

7) How should I plan for bleed?

This depends on what kind of printing you're doing. Offset printing is the most common, but digital wire-o bound books are becoming more widely available. For offset printing, margins are different depending on what kind of paper you choose. If you select a thicker paper stock for your wire-o bound book, you'll have less margin-- which means it needs to bleed more so that no ink gets onto the spine.

8) How should I organize my images for printing?

Wire-o Bound Book Printing

Whether you're printing offset or digital wire-o bound books, make sure that all of your images are in the correct spot. Every image needs to be in a separate folder-- if it's not, your wire-o bound books will show an error or crash when you try and print them. Also make sure that all the images you include are well lit, professional and high resolution. Any image resolution in a printed project should be at least 300 DPI.It's also recommended break up large amounts of text with fascinating images or interesting graphics.

9) Who can help me design my wire-o bound book?

The best way to go about designing wire-o bound books is through programs like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator-- but both require some training before you can use them. If you're not a designer, you'd better ask your future printing company if it can help with design.

10) What's the difference between hardcover and soft cover wire-o bound books?

Wire-o bound hardcovers are printed on thick paperboard that is sturdy enough to stand up on its own. While wire-o bound softcovers can be opened more easily than wire-o bound hardcovers, but aren't as durable.

More information on the comparison of hardcover printing with softcover printing,please check Paperback Printing VS Hardcover Printing .

11) What's the difference between offset and digital wire-o bound book printing?

Offset wire-o bound book printing uses the same process as when books are printed on presses-- so when you print wire-o bound books, your files go through a press. Digital wire-o bound book printing produces your wire-o bound books in a different way, using digital printing technology that saves paper and is quicker than offset printing.

12) Is it necessary to print wire-o bound books on recycled paper?

If you want your wire-o bound book pages to be as durable as possible, it is best if they are printed on 100% recycled and acid free paper.


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