How to Achieve Quality Calendar Printing?

quality calendar printing

Quality Calendar Printing - What's the Point?

Printing calendars is no longer just for personal use. It is now possible to print calendars in bulk and distribute them with your business name all over it. This way, people will always be looking at your product or services on a monthly basis. You can also give it away with products that you sell.

There are a few things you should do to make sure your calendar printing is of the highest quality. Here's what you need to do,check them now.

1.Select a qualified printer

Know the fact that good things cannot come out of an ill-prepared or ill-equipped printing machine. If you are going to spend more for high quality calendar printing, then make sure that you will also use high quality printer too.

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2.Check the calendar group and the position

Calendars with special groups on them such as photo calendars, event calendars, sports calendars, etc. require different print formats to meet the needs of customers.

Such as you can see that if your calendar is a photo calendar, you should open the "Image" menu in the program to set. Next place your photos in an appropriate position on each page.

If it's an event calendar or sports calendar before printing, you should make the necessary arrangements for events or sports items in each position of the calendar.

3.Invest in quality paper

One factor that can affect the quality of calendar printing is the type of paper used. Many printers offer a range of quality options, so be sure to choose a printer that offers the type of paper you want.

While it might feel like a good idea to go with a cheaper option, less expensive papers can result in calendar printing that isn't as bright and colorful.

In turn, this can detract from the overall image of your company. It's better for your calendar printing to have a slightly higher price tag if it means choosing quality paper.

Calendars are usually printed on paper low in both grain and opacity. The reason for this is simple: customers tend to view the calendar at a distance (often by hanging them on walls) where low opacity ensures that colors will still appear vivid, even if they are not very dark.

Graininess or roughness is undesirable because it makes the page look coarse, which can be a distraction from the calendar's content.

quality calendar printing

In addition,different kinds of calendar have different requirements for paper quality. For example, regular calendars do not require premium heavyweight paper.

Event calendars or photo calendars usually use fine-grain matte non-coated, coated high-quality art paper with a nice wooden grey color for photos.

Sports calendars will be more suitable for heavyweight coated paper, matte finished art paper with a grapefruit and dark chocolate color and so on.

4.Check the calendar paper type

There are essentially four types of calendar paper : thermal plastic coated (TPC), glossy coated, matte coated, and uncoated.

- Coated paper is best for calendars with color photos or graphics on them. Because the ink can dry faster on this type of paper, it prevents smearing and smudging.

- Uncoated paper is best for calendars with black text on them. Text will appear crisp and sharp when printed on uncoated paper.

- Matte coated and glossy coated are much alike, but they differ in the finish. Matte coated looks like paint while glossy has a shiny appearance.

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5.Use quality ink

Just as the type of paper you use can affect your final product, so too can the ink used. If you choose an inferior ink or toner, there's a good chance that your calendar won't print out properly. This can lead to smudges or smears, which can adversely affect your brand.

quality calendar printing

Using quality ink is essential when it comes to calendar printing. It's also important that the right amount of ink is used. If you run out, stains can occur on the paper or even transfer to other pages in the calendar, damaging the image overall.

6.Check the binding type

There are several types of binding types that you will want to consider when choosing the right calendar for your needs. They include:

- Wire-O bound calendars allow pages to lay flat for easy viewing. This type of calendar is most often used in business or industrial settings because they can be printed with large, bold text.

- Saddle-Stitched calendars are bound with staples, which hold the calendar together. This type of binding is usually used for smaller calendars that will eventually be placed in a cover when not in use.

- Plastic Comb bound calendars use plastic "teeth" to keep pages intact. Plastic comb bound calendars can be used as a "daily planner."

7. Ensure high image resolution

The resolution of the images used in the calendar affects how sharp it appears, so if you have a 300dpi image, it will create a much crisper representation than a 150dpi image when printed.

If you are using an inkjet printer to print your calendar, make sure to use 300dpi images.

If you are using an offset printer, calculate how many lines per inch (LPI) you need in order to see the resolution needed for good results (70 LPI is generally enough).

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8.Gathering artwork for printing

When you order calendar printing online, it's important that all the files you need to print are in their proper format and size. If your file is too small or too large, it will affect how your calendar prints as well as the overall quality of the final product.

quality calendar printing

Many online printers offer templates that allow you to create your calendar using their software, which can really help simplify things. However, even if you do it yourself, be sure to keep the final size of the finished calendar in mind as well as all of its elements.

When designing a calendar print project, everything from the type of paper you use to the size can be pre-determined for you. However, it's important that you are aware of what your end goal is in order to achieve it properly.

9.Be creative

Another thing you have to do if you are into making calendars is being creative. You have to think outside of the box so you can have an edge over the other calendar printing companies. You should try to be unique when it comes to coming up with page designs.

10.Get it proofed

One last but not least, get a proof printed prior to going through with the full order. This lets you see exactly the way the calendar will be printed and permits you to make any changes needed.

A proof also lets you see how your project will look as a whole and allows you to ensure that everything is in its right place.

There's no sense in going through with the full order only to discover an error now, when it's still possible for you to make the necessary corrections and adjustments.

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Calendar printing can be a challenge, but it's also a chance to really impress your clients. By following these simple tips, you'll ensure that everyone is pleased with the final product.

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