How To Do Your Playing Card Printing?

playing card printing

If you have landed here, you are probably wondering How to do your playing card printing?This guide reveals 6 topics on designing and printing playing card.Keep reading!

How the playing cards are produced?

The process basically consists of four main steps, starting with making the paper stock, printing onto the paper rolls, cutting the sheets into individual cards, and finally assembling the deck.

How to select the correct card dimension?

Before you start printing , you need to choose the correct dimension of card for its intended purpose. Usually, the dimension of the deck depends on how it will be used.


The standard deck dimension is 64 mm X 89 mm (2.5 inches X 3.5 inches). Most decks are usually this dimension and it has come to be known as the standard dimension for playing cards. Thus, we recommend it the best choice for your playing card printing, unless you are selling a specific card game.

How to select the right card thickness?

When printing playing cards, choose a right card thickness is important. Generally speaking, the  standard thickness is 350gsm . A less than 350 gsm like 300 gsm card may feel thin and often easy tends to get bent.What’s worse,you will see the patterns on the other side.


A at least 350gsm paper is a better choice if you need a high quality print finish because it can eliminate the card transparency.


400 gsm card stock will be much higher quality because the paper is thicker and stronger.Thicker card stocks are often used for premium cards.

playing card printing

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Simple steps to design your playing card deck

Step 1

Brainstorm possible designs for your playing card deck. This is the time to let your creativity run wild!Alternatively, you can use a design program such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator which have pre-drawn templates.You can also design and format your playing card design all in them.


Step 2

Once you have a few ideas, begin sketching out your designs.Try to be as detailed as possible, including any special features or embellishments you might want to add.


For the photos,there are many stock websites such as iStock, Getty Images,Shutterstock where you can download various professional photography.If you have fantastic ideas, you can totally design your own photos too!


Step 3

Once you have a few finalized designs, it's time to start thinking about the practicalities of actually creating your deck. Decide on the size, shape and material of your cards, as well as how many you want to include in a deck.


Step 4

The next step is to find a printer who can bring your vision to life. Make sure to get quotes from a few different companies before making your decision.


Here we recommend a trustful printing company -TIMI Printing, who only offers high-quality and affordable paper products.

playing card printing

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Tips for quality playing card printing

Tip 1

Choose the right paper stock - The better the quality of the materials you use, the longer your playing cards will last. Make sure to use durable paper and cardstock so your cards can withstand repeated shuffling and wear and tear.As mentioned above,the standard thickness of playing card is 350gsm,so make sure your cards are no thicker than 350gsm.


Tip 2

Opt for full-color printing-When you're printing playing cards, it's important to choose a full-color printing option in order to get the most impactful results. 4-color process printing will give your cards rich and vibrant colors that will make them stand out from the rest.


Tip 3

Add a UV coating- A UV coating is a clear finish that is applied to the printing surface of your playing cards. This coating helps to protect the printing from smudging, fingerprints, and other damage. It also gives the cards a glossy finish that makes them look more professional and polished.

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What custom playing card printing can do for you?

There are a lot of reasons to recommend custom playing card printing, but the most interesting  one is that it allows you to be creative with your own design. You can play around with the colors, patterns, and images on the cards to create a design that is truly unique. Plus, if you have a specific theme or style in mind for your cards, custom printing gives you the ability to make those cards a reality.


Plus,custom playing cards are a unique way to promote your business. By printing your logo or company name on the cards, you can make a lasting impression on your customers and clients. Playing cards are also a great way to get people talking about your business. If you host events or parties, custom playing cards can be a great conversation starter. You can also use them as a marketing tool, giving them out to customers and clients as a way to promote your business.


What’s more,if you are looking for a unique and memorable gift, custom playing cards may be the perfect option. Personalized playing cards can be customized with your own photos or images, making them a truly one-of-a-kind gift. You can also add text to the cards, such as a special message or the name of the recipient. Custom playing cards are a great way to show someone you care and make a lasting impression.

playing card printing


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Print your playing cards with the best

TIMI Printing is a printing company with more than 20 years of printing experience.TIMI provides OEM & ODM services for the production of custom paper products.


When it comes to quality, we come second to none. Whether you're in the tabletop games industry needing a supplier to print custom playing cards, in retail to sell your own designs of cards or just looking to increase brand awareness with logo playing cards, we can do it for you!


We have QC team to provide you with more professional products and services, so you can be certain, you're getting your printing cards made with a very responsible and trusted manufacturer.


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