Wholesale Hardcover Book Printing 
VS    Wholesale Paperback Book Printing

When it comes to wholesale book printing, it has always been hard to choose wholesale hardcover book printing or paperback book printing.

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What are the pros and cons of both of them?

What are some factors that people choose wholesale hardcover book printing or paperback book printing?

When to consider wholesale hardcover book printing?And when to consider wholesale paperback book printing?

In this post we will try to answer these questions to help you understand the difference between both books printing and help you come up with the right answer for your book printing.

So let’s get started!

•What is a hardcover book?

A hardcover book or hardback book refers to a book cover that has hard material like cardboard, plastic, leather, etc. instead of paper.

To prevent damage to the pages, hardcover books are usually enclosed in covers with strong board for support called dust jackets.

A hardcover book's pages can't be bent or warped .

Hardcover books don't need a hard surface like tables to support them and they also don't bend easily depending on the material of its cover.

Most hardcover books have a cardboard-like spine that forms the shape of the book while being bound together which makes it much stronger than other books such as paperback and softcover books.

•What are the pros and cons of wholesale hardcover book printing?


Firstly, when you print in hardcover, you get an elegant feel of the book. This is because it has higher durability and better color shades.

Secondly,hardcovers are less likely to bend, tear or crease because they are made of a more rigid material. They have the potential to stand up to heavy use and even frequent handling.

Thirdly, hardcover books contain an exterior shell, for this reason,they are less likely to attract dust . They are also less likely to collect grime, stains or watermarks because of their coating repels liquids.

Fourthly,a hardcover book retains its value far better than a paperbacks; this is because the demand for used hardcovers is much lower than that of paperbacks.

Fifthly, your hardback book can have a different spine design. If you would like to create a unique product, you can have the spine and front cover text printed in a different color than the rest of your books.


Firstly, hardcovers are typically more expensive than paperbacks, that's because the process for making them is more complicated,therefore they are less affordable and can't be afforded by everyone.

Secondly,making a hardcover book involves binding multiple printed pages together and giving them an additional, stiff paper cover.Thus, wholesale hardcover book printing needs longer production times.

Thirdly,hardcovers may be more difficult to transport due to their bulky size.For this reason,higher shipping costs is required.

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•When to consider wholesale hardcover book printing?

You have a great budget for book printing.

You want an elegant feel and higher durability to your books.

You want to have a special book for pre-orders.

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•What is a paperback book?

A paperback book, is a book whose binding material is paper.

Typically, paperback refers to any thinner-leaved paperback book, such as those mass-market paperbacks with a soft cover.

Paperback books are also sometimes called softcover books or paperbacks to distinguish them from hardback books which have a stiff binding and covers.

Paperback books are often printed on low quality paper because of their low price.

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•What are the pros and cons of wholesale paperback book printing?


Firstly, a paperback book will cost much less than the hardcover book, and based on the materials, production process and used methods, it's easier to printing large quantities of paperback books compared to that of a hardcover book.

Secondly,paperbacks are usually smaller and easier to slip into a bag or briefcase, making it easier for people who read on the go or commute to read without having to carry around a lot of weight.

Thirdly,paperback books are more accepted worldwide by almost every bookshop and book distributor.


Firstly,the paper used for paperback books is much more fragile than that used for hardback books and it will last only as long as its thickness holds out; usually several months to a year, depending on how frequently it's read.

Secondly,printing costs per book is usually much cheaper when printing paperbacks than they are for hardback books. This means there is less profit margin .

•When to consider wholesale paperback book printing?

You want a cheaper mass-market book for large quantity in the long run.

You are looking for books that are easy to print and get to market quickly .

You have a limited budget for book printing.

You need a print on demand service.

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Both  wholesale hardcover book printing and wholesale paperback book printing have pros and cons.After going through this related introduction, I hope you can pick out the perfect book printing based on your needs and preference.

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