An Overview of Children Book Printing in Asia

Sales of children’s books have maintained a steady rise in the Asian book market in recent years.So the children book printing in Asia is very popular and eye-catching compared to other series of books.

At the same time, children’s books sell at high prices, but also have rich processing profits.So how does children book printing in Asia react to this growing market?Can it also adapt to this new market dynamic?

Now,let me share you the overviews on children book printing in Asia.And I hope this article can increase your understanding about it.

1.Why did children book printing in Asia become a very important segment in Asian book printing in recent years?

In addition to the increased purchasing power of young parents than previous parents, more importantly, the current young parents are more born in the post-80s generation, among which parents with higher education degree generally have a higher recognition of books.

At the same time,the change of the concept of children’s books is mainly that children's literature experts and book reading promoters constantly publicize the importance of early reading to children's parents and teachers by holding various forms of theme lectures.

Gradually, the parents believe that children’s books have an important role in children's physical and mental development, and they all realize the value that books have to children.

It is generally believed by researchers at home and abroad that children’s books are of important value to the development of the language, imagination, thinking, emotion, socialization and aesthetic ability of preschool children.

In China,from 2000 to 2019, the proportion of the children's book market has risen all the way, and the number of dynamic sales varieties also showed a trend of increasing year by year.

In the past 20 years, the children's book market has gradually shifted from exploration to mature, becoming one of the most eye-catching sections in the book market.In 2016, it surpassed social science and became the largest section of China in the book retail market.

From January to April 2020, the proportion of the children's book market in the overall market was more than 30%, ranking first.

The above are major reasons to why did children book printing in Asia become a very important segment in Asian book printing in recent years.

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                                  An Overview of Book Printing in China

2.How is the impact of the popularity of children's books on the Asian book printing industry?

As for the printing business of children's books, experts believed in an interview: " The Asian children's book printing market will have greater potential for development and space for expansion.

On the one hand, labor costs in Europe and the United States are high, and many printing business has been transferred to Asia; on the other hand, parents in Asia pays more and more attention to children's reading and are willing to spend money on children."

At the same time, he also noted that the Asian children's book market has not yet formed a scale, and printing factories are mostly printing foreign picture books, and local picture books are not many, and the production volume is relatively small.

In China,Jia Chunlin, chairman of Beijing Shengtong Printing Co., Ltd., said that children's books printing has always been the company's strong point, and foreign children's book orders only account for 5% of the company's total business .

In the context of economic globalization, the volume of this part is relatively stable.And the development of the domestic children's book printing market is also relatively stable, and the company is cooperating with a number of children's publishing houses.

Additionally,in recent years, the printing quality of children's books has been greatly improved, so children's books still have a lot of room to improve.

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3.With the increasing sale of children book , will the threshold for entry in the children book printing in Asia get high?

Definitely!According to industry analysis, children's books often attract children with rich color pictures, and with its continuous development, "voice" children's books have already been published.

Therefore, children's books have relatively high requirements for book printing materials and binding, especially for printing color, design and safety and environmental protection.

The processing technologies are also very complex with needs to use UV, convex, colorful crystal, hot stamping, mold cutting and other technologies.

In the public bidding project concerning children's books printing, having a four-color printing machine and hardcover equipment is clearly included in the scope of winning requirements.

What’s more , children as a special consumer group of printing,decide that printing must use non-toxic, harmless environmental protection materials, and there are also special requirements in the mold cutting and origami process, such as the book corner to mold into round corners so as not to hurt children.

"There is a market for children's books, but if the printing factory is not professional and cannot meet the needs of customers, it still can not benefit."An expert said.

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4.What’s the key for children book printing in Asia to improve profitability?

For printing companies to improve their profitability in the children's book market, experts said that on the one hand, the publishing companies strive for perfection on the editing of content ; on the other hand, printing companies in printing processing should be as much as possible to improve printing quality and control costs.

Children's books, especially hardcover books, have complex processes and various technologies. Although these increase the profit space, but at the same time reduce the production efficiency and increase the cost.

Therefore, finding a balance between the two is the key for printing companies to improve their profits.

Beautifully printed children's books have a great appeal to children readers.High cost and high price are one of the most important factors affecting children’s books.

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5.What’s the biggest challenge that children book printing in Asia is facing?

In the printing industry, digital printing and plateless printing will gradually replace traditional plywood printing, a consensus in the minds of the industry.

However,in recent years, the printing industry has gradually been impacted by the Internet.

First of all, the rapid development of online reading leads to the gradual decline of paper reading.

With the development of mobile Internet and the continuous enrichment of digital reading content, online reading platforms emerge one after another, and online reading platforms are convenient and rich, so that children can complete reading remain within doors.

In addition, the online reading platforms have launched audios and short videos to increase children's reading experience and enrich the reading process, which is widely favored by children.

Not only brings convenient experience to children, it also greatly affects the development of traditional bookstores, and results in reduction of printing demands.

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6.What’s the future of children book printing in Asia?

Although online reading platforms will in some degree affect printing demands, book reading will never be outdated. After all, its experience is unique, and the cultural significance and spiritual significance it brings to children cannot be underestimated.


Reading as an essential part in the process of children's growth, children's book market in Asia will be further develop, further expand.

But due to the reader group is relatively stable, market competition will intensify to a certain extent, and will also eliminate a batch of low quality book products, and the quality of children's book market will be improved.

Thus, the requirements to the children book printing in Asia will be greatly improved, and the competition among the printing companies will be more intense.

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