How to Find the Best Wholesale Sticker Company?

For many sticker enthusiasts, sticker is a word to describe something that they love.

Sticker in the traditional sense is defined as a "small picture or design pasted on a surface."


However,someone who is looking to get sticker printing for the first time may be overwhelmed by sticker paper, sticker companies and sticker prices and many more.

You need to know how small or large your sticker can be without losing its quality. A good wholesale sticker company will not only advise you in sticker design but also sticker price and sticker paper types suitable for a specific sticker size.

For finding the best wholesale sticker company, the first method comes into your mind must be the internet.Exactly! The internet is one of the best source to look out for wholesale sticker company.

You can also get wholesale sticker company's catalog through the internet and you can take a look at their sticker products before purchasing stickers from them.

There are many wholesale sticker companies who have an online sticker shopping portal or website that enables customers to purchase different types of sticker items online.

But it should be noted that you’ve already check out all the information of the wholesale sticker company that you are going to purchase sticker products from it.

To get the most out of custom sticker products, you need to find the right wholesale sticker company  for your needs. Here’s what to look for on your search.


Keep in mind that you want to find a company that will stand behind their product and their work. So one of the biggest factors when considering wholesale sticker company is sticker quality.

The sticker quality will determine how it holds up against the elements and to what extent it can withstand damage.

If you purchase stickers with high quality, then you should expect your stickers to last long and not fade or peel away quickly.

Though sticker suppliers often claim superior sticker quality through their stickers, this may not always be true.

If you are able to find an online resource where you can review wholesale sticker company, then you will be able to find which company provides the best sticker quality; though sticker supply sites rarely provide this information.

Another method that you can use is by looking up wholesale sticker company on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

When searching for sticker makers through social media, look for evidence of satisfied customers who are willing to vouch for the sticker maker's sticker quality.


Another factor that you should consider is sticker design. Sticker designs are generally what sets you apart from each other.

Though wholesale sticker companies tend to change styles over time, those who have been in the industry for a long period of time will likely resemble their older sticker designs as they continue producing sticker designs that the sticker industry has seen before.

This is because wholesale sticker companies often run out of new ideas and resort to sticker designs that have been used in the past.


The sticker must have an image or design which can be printed using the computer software to create the sticker paper layout for cutting and applying the stickers onto various objects.

People used to use simple painting techniques as sticker manufacturing technique, but the good news is with these modern-day good sticker printing machine, good sticker process is getting much better and easier.

The best companies have extensive experience with this process so they can advise what prices should be charged for sticker production or even completing a sticker design you have in mind.

Although good sticker manufacturing can be expensive, the benefits that one can get from good sticker process will be more than good.

Good sticker manufacturer will help in advertising your product, and good sticker printing will surely give you good return of investment.


If you're looking to buy sticker online, price is a very important factor.

The price of a custom sticker can vary depending on the size, quantity required and design style.

For example, the price is affected by whether or not you require matte or glossy finishes, cut outs that are shaped into words or designs, embossing printing techniques, die cutting that offers shapes that allow for high product visibility and durability in an outdoor environment, and many other design elements.

Cheap stickers may seem attractive at first, but they can also be flimsy and harder to apply.

If your goal is to have a bunch of cool looking stickers without paying too much money, price is definitely a major factor.

With price being so important, there are many things to consider when buying stickers online.

First of all, you want to make sure the sticker price you pay is good for the amount of stickers you get.

Sticker price can vary widely depending on how many prints you order at once, which leads us to our next point.

Order larger quantities for cheaper price.

The more prints you order, the less price per unit you have to pay. For example, if price is $1 and you order 10 stickers, price per sticker is $0.10 each.

If price is still $1 and you order 100 stickers instead of 10, price per sticker drops to $0.01 each.

There are many other factors that go into price, but these two are the most important things to consider.


While finding a good wholesale sticker company,you also have to make sure that when it receives payment they are upfront about the payment terms, this will help you avoid payment problems when it comes time to pay.

The payment terms of any sticker company should always be affordable for you, if payment rates are high then it could cause some problems later on down the road.

Make sure that payment terms are affordable for you before payment is made to avoid payment problems in the future.


As you start doing your research on potential sticker companies, take note of customer service and customer satisfaction.

If you get the sense that customers love them or at least feel generally satisfied, then you can move on to other things.

While customer satisfaction is great, customer loyalty speaks volumes about a company's customer service and dedication to their product and services.

Look for customer loyalty like this in companies if you want to work with a good wholesale sticker company.

Remember customer service can also speak to the quality of their products and services as customer satisfaction will indicate customer commitment, which is great for future business transactions.

A customer committed to working with you offers many benefits and only one downside: they may be more likely to share your good name than bad name.

However, customer commitment will come with good customer service, so customer satisfaction should play into your decision-making here.

You can also ask other customers about their experience to get a better idea of customer service and customer satisfaction.

While the company may give you one answer, another customer might give you an entirely different answer. This is where customer service comes in.

The customer service department should be able to help you with any customer complaints or customer experience feedback that might come up.


There are many wholesale sticker companies which claim to be the best in sticker printing, but only a few of them understand your requirement and make stickers accordingly.

Therefore you need to spend some time online searching out the right company which is dedicated towards providing affordable yet high quality services to their clients.

After learning the above tips, I hope you are able to find a wholesale sticker company that is the right fit for your sticker printing needs.

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