12 Famous Wholesale Label Printing Companies

A label is a piece of material with printed information, attached to an object. It can be attached by adhesive, or tie, or can be woven into the garment itself.

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The labels can be produced using materials like paper, foil, polyester, nylon and mylar. The material used depends on the product that is to be labeled.

Of course paper is one of the cheapest printing materials and is used as custom printed labels.

Custom printed labels are the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. They make it easy to quickly brand a product and increase sales by creating a lasting impression on customers.

Custom printed labels can also provide a unique opportunity for businesses to stand out from the competition and earn new customers. They allow companies to customize their products with a company logo, contact information or a message about their brand.

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Labels are also widely used in the food industry, where they can be especially important for ensuring that products are safe to eat. For example, if pork has reached its expiration date, then a label will inform the consumer of this fact.

There are many other types of products that require labels, including water bottles, medicine bottles and promotional items like pens.

So,labels can be seen everywhere in our lives.What’s more important,as a business owner,how to find the right wholesale label printing company?

Don’ worry,here are 12 famous wholesale label printing companies which have been in the label printing industry for years and built up a great reputation.

Now check them out below.


TIMI provides OEM & ODM services for the production of packaging boxes, paper bags, custom labels, stickers, advertising stickers, laser stickers, children's book printing, picture book, storybook printing, board books, coloring books, periodicals, college textbooks and other custom paper products.

Its factory is equipped with the most advanced technology and techniques, and its innovative team provides the best expertise.

TIMI is constantly updating its technology and adding new equipment to improve productivity and quality. It has 2 Heidelberg printing machines, 2 CTP machines,10 after-printing process machines,2 streamlines production line.

For over 20 years of experience in Printing & packaging filed, TIMI is of full ability to handle any and all projects and also has the certifications that make work more efficient: ISO9001, Walmart, Disney WCA, MSI, BVQ1.

The TIMI team, which is available online all day every day to serve its customers at a cost savings for them, makes professional quality printing available to everyone.

Its payment terms are available for OA 30/60/90/120 days if your company have a good payment record.

And its 14 years of experience in exporting, familiar with logistics and world port policy provides customers fast and steady sea shipment, air freight, express.

Due to its persisting effort,TIMI has become No.1 and star in the domestic printing service industry, the largest number of well-known customers in the world, and completed the sales tasks set by the company.

TIMI is now dedicated to leading the industry to change the trend and improving the development level of the industry.


Ettikettoprintcom was formed in 2013 with the merger of Ettiketto Labeling Systems AB and Printcom Grafiska AB.

The history of today's company, Ettikettoprintcom, dates back to the early 1900s. In 1954, Svea Band was the first company in Sweden to manufacture self-adhesive labels. In 1985, Svea Band changed its name to Printcom.

In 1977, Ettiketto established a presence in Sweden and was originally a subsidiary of Danish Ettiketto A/S, which manufactured self-adhesive labels and labelling machines.

In 1986, Ettiketto in Sweden separated from the parent to become an independent company. In 1991, it started its own label production.

In 2003, Eurokett Labeling Systems AB was acquired by Ettiketto, which had been a reseller of Eurokett's labelling machines since the 1980s.

Today, Ettikettoprintcom has a workforce of about 90 and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 210 million, making it one of Sweden's leading label and labelling systems suppliers.

Ettikettoprintcom is the only full-service supplier in Sweden capable of offering both self-adhesive labels and proprietary labelling systems.

When you purchase a labelling system from Ettikettoprintcom, you can be confident that you will get an efficient solution that will serve you well for many years.

As a supplier of labels and labelling machines, Ettikettoprintcom can take prime responsibility for meeting the customer's labelling needs.

Ettikettoprintcom handles everything from large, well-known brand names to small, fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses.

Its vision is to be the number one partner for the development, production and labelling of self-adhesive labels for appealing and selling packaging.

3.Rebsons Labels(South Africa)

Rebsons Labels is a family owned business that started as a jewellery company and later moved to producing swing tags.

As the industry changed, Rebsons Labels evolved with the trends. In 1953, Rebsons Labels purchased their first printing press and started to produce labels – thus becoming a self-adhesive label manufacturing company.

Rebsons Labels is a leading supplier of labels in the printing industry and has produced self-adhesive labels for local and international clientele from various industries.

Rebsons Labels has expanded its products and services over the years. Its experience in the label printing industry and commitment to quality service has led to the growth and success of its company.

Rebsons Labels has moved with the technological trends over the past years, upgrading and purchasing state-of-the-art label printing equipment.

With over 60 years of label printing expertise as well as label printing knowledge, Rebsons Labels delivers high quality printed labels and service at competitive prices.

Its mission is to ensure that its client’s needs and requirements are met beyond their expectations. Years of experience and knowledge as well as highly skilled staff will provide recommendations to ensure that its clients receive the best label solution for the products.

4.Thai Prasert Labels Co., Ltd.(Thailand)

“Thai Prasert Labels (TPSL)” operates a wide range of labeling services under “One Stop Service” concept.

Thai Prasert Group started from a small company in 1971, running business about advertising signs.

Its business has grown up continuously. In 1986, it entered into a new business which is silk screening services for plastic containers.

In 2002, it extended its production line to labels printing business, together with offering the labeling service in order to complete one stop solution.

Over four decades, Thai Prasert Labels has fully attempted to respond the market movement as well as to support customer requirements with giving quality service and care.

Thai Prasert Labels is an expertise in label manufacturing with deep knowledge and experience of self adhesive labels.

It offers a wide range of labeling solutions, including label printing, silk screen printing on plastic containers, and label application service.

It has flexographic printing machines to serve a high quality and long run label printing as well as it has recently invested in such the latest technology as digital printing press which offers a cost effective solution and high quality labels for short to medium run.

Its expert team and advance technology enable Thai Prasert Labels to cope with customer requirements, and ensure that the orders will be delivered on time.

Thai Prasert Labels is proud of being “small enough to care, but big enough to cope”.

5.Bay Tech Label Company, Inc.(America)

For more than 30 years, Bay Tech Label has been serving the labeling needs of clients in a variety of industries, including Industrial, Chemical, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, and the Food and Beverage Industry.

Bay Tech Label has over 5,000 die cut shapes and sizes in house, with hundreds of materials and substrates to choose from.

Bay Tech Label has an in-house graphics team and is equiped with state-of-the-art flexographic printers, as well as digital printing options, to accommodate clients' needs for short and long runs.

It also offers a Class 10,000 Clean Room for labels that must be produced in a controlled environment. With online store, it provides in-stock Dymo-compatible Labels, as well as Jewelry and Election Labels and Tags.

Bay Tech Label is committed to growth by continuing to invest in employee education and staying on top of new trends and technology to ensure the equipment and the expertise to deliver the results that customers need.

It’s also one of the few label manufacturers that are certified to print UL Labels, and the facility is Sustainable Green Printing Certified.

6.L&N Label (America)

L&N label has been printing custom labels and pressure sensitive labels in Florida since 1979.

L&N label can print just about any product label you need. It has printed custom labels for the food product industry, the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, beverage industry, cosmetic industry, wine industry, beer industry and many more.

Located in the heart of Clearwater, Florida L&N Label is America's best custom label manufacturer, printing labels with employees who cover the whole spectrum of the custom label printing process.

It’s one of few leading label companies who print custom labels on rolls or sheets. It prints just about any custom label you could imagine.

Contained within the 10,000 square foot work space are six custom label presses. Each press can print up to eight different colors.

L&N label actively seeks out the latest technology that delivers the best quality printing at the highest rate of productivity. This combination allows it to deliver the highest quality labels at the lowest possible price.

7.SA Labels (South Africa)

SA Label Printers (Pty) Ltd is a small to medium sized printing and packaging company based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal servicing clients throughout South Africa and various neighboring countries.

It offers a comprehensive range of value adding products and services which are coupled with award winning quality and outstanding customer satisfaction.

For over 40 years SA Label Printers has serviced companies across various sectors, catering to the most basic requirements of small startups to medium sized companies and even the complex demands of larger corporates.

It has built up a solid reputation by constantly evolving with its clients by understanding their requirements and tailor trading its offerings accordingly.

In addition to winning FTASA (Flexographic Technical Association of Southern Africa) and GAPP (Graphics Advertising Printing and Packaging) awards for print excellence and quality, SA Label Printers is also a Level 1 (135%) BEE contributor that is ISO 22000 accredited.

Its team comprises of over 20 staff members who are passionate about print and service delivery. The staff members take pride in their work and believe that their success is a consequence of customers’ success. Subsequently they go above and beyond to achieve the impossible including tight deadlines with world class quality and competitive pricing.

8.Lightning Labels(America)

Lightning Labels was conceived as a custom label and sticker printing company that focuses on advanced technology.

It has developed state-of-the-art printing processes that offer multiple levels of customization, efficiency and prices, putting itself ahead in label printing industry.

Equipped with superior HP Indigo printing technology, Lightning Labels creates labels that feature the highest-quality colors, materials and laminates at prices that won't break the bank, regardless of your order size. And as its name implies, it does it all in lightning speed.

While Lightning Labels creates labels using the most advanced printing technology, there's one thing it won't leave up to the machines: personalized customer service.

Lightning Labels' customer service representatives are seasoned experts in the label-printing industry. Each of its clients is assigned a dedicated service professional who will walk you through every step of the custom label printing process.

Representatives offer individual service to ensure you get the labels that best suit your needs, regardless of how you plan to use your customized order.

9.Fast Labels (Britain)

Established in 2009 and based in Doncaster, Fast Labels is one of the UK’s leading label printers.

It prides itself in having some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the country. This includes world-class press,the Xeikon 3030 Plus press and state-of-the-art ancillary machinery.

With the above advanced equipment, the labels can be printed with 1200dpi resolution in any custom shape or size.

This technology also offers class-leading speed and efficiency, so simply put, your labels will have the highest standard of colour and detail , but with a rapid turnaround and very competitive price.

Backed by a team with a real passion for all things label, it has provided thousands of medium-to-large orders in a wide range of fields, including retail, food & drink, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

The team consists of 35 hand-picked print and design technicians. With a deep understanding of machinery and label printing as a whole, your order will always be in the safest possible pair of hands.

Each member of staff will ensure that your labels are printed with a meticulous finish, matched to your specifications exactly, and then dispatched without delay by free next-day UK delivery.


OKIL-SATO is the leader in self-adhesive label production with approximately 20% share of Russia's self-adhesive label market.

OKIL-SATO found itself in a strong leading position sustainably following the principles of orientation to customer, technological perfection and stability.

Currently primary machinery encounters over two dozens units representing most recent technological achivements from all over the world.

With innovativeness and exclusivity of printing technology combinations OKIL-SATO can provide best set of services. Due to great opportunities its professionals can start new ways of printing labels in a very short time.

OKIL-SATO constantly expands and improves its product variety. Multilayer labels, leaflet labels, labels with protective inks and personalisation, labels with combination of printing technologies are just a part of recently started products.

Thanks to constant study of world markets and high investments into research, OKIL-SATO became a holder of some patented technologies. Among them are : patent in promo-labels, exclusive agreement in self-adhesive material production and also some "know-how".

OKIL-SATO is the first printing house that started printing self-adhesive beer labels in Russia and is one of the worlds printing houses that have a patent for production of wash off film labels.

11.West Coast Label(Singapore)

West Coast Industries Pte Ltd is a recognized partner in the labeling & packaging field.

The company has excelled throughout the years by addressing the needs of the market; primarily by staying flexible, adaptable and meeting the ever changing requirements of its customers.

For over 30 years the company has been serving its customers as a leading commercial printer. To date it has worked with customers both local and overseas, and delivered a consistent quality and speed of delivery for the best value.

West Coast Label has built a versatile collection of equipment in order to deliver a complete service of printing techniques, and print finishings.

As a result of the advanced equipment it’s able to continue to provide a one-stop-shop service for all marketing needs.

With its experience with various industries such as: F&B, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Health & Beauty, Electronics and more; it strives to deliver a consistent quality, speed and service in order to be a preferred printing and packaging company.


Established in 2017, Onpack is Australia’s most modern, innovative, narrow web self-adhesive label printing company based in Melbourne supplying labels Australia wide.

Onpack aims to deliver a level of quality and consistent innovation that customers demand as standard.

With a dedicated team and the right printing solution, Onpack is positioned to provide personalised solutions to suit each unique labelling requirement, ensuring that the finished product perfectly suits clients’ brief in design, material, adhesive and quality.

Onpack carefully considers client’s budget, market and product needs to ensure seamless labelling and an outstanding finished result.

As a leader in self-adhesive label printing, Onpack services a variety of industries including:Food & FMCG,Beverage,Craft Beer,Industrial & Chemical,Logistics and Over-printable,Health & Beauty,Supplements & Sports Nutrition.

It’s able to cater to a wide range of material and adhesive requirements whilst supplying printed products of the highest quality for short, medium, and long runs.

With the latest technology in narrow web label printing, Onpack will reduce customers’ lead times, setup costs, working capital requirements and help eliminate obsolete inventory.


After reading this article, I believe you’ve got more infomation about wholesale label printing companies. While the content is not exhaustive, the above wholesale label printing companies are guaranteed to provide you with consistently good quality label prints.

Want to know the best part?

Look no further on your list of wholesale label printing companies for custom label printing.

Just check out TIMI’s extensive range of custom printed labels and feel free to contact us for a chat about custom label printing!


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