Gift Packaging Box Wholesale-5 Tips You Need to Know

Gift giving is a tradition that will never fade. Many times,people buy gifts and need to present them in a way that they seem more interesting for the receiver.

Although people could just wrap them in some paper and place it in a cardboard box, but using gift packaging boxes will make the gift more attractive .

Gift packaging boxes are one of the most crucial items when it comes to gift giving.

It not only promotes its contents but also makes it look beautiful, useful and more appealing. Gift packaging boxes are used in several occasions including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Christmas, Thanksgiving and many more.

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So,as a business owner when buying gift packaging box wholesale,it’s of great importance to choose the right kinds of gift packaging box that are very welcomed by most people in the market with good price and high quality.

But it's not easy to make a decision when buying gift packaging box wholesale because it requires thinking. You need to consider the budget, occasion and your purpose of giving those gifts.

However in this article, you will learn how to identify what makes a beautiful gift packaging box and get more ideas on how to buy gift packaging box wholesale.

The following are five tips you need to know when buying gift packaging box wholesale. I hope they can help you a lot and give you some inspirations.


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Different from other ordinary packaging boxes, the appearance of a gift packaging box will be the first to see by consumers.Seek new, seek change, and the pursuit of novelty is people's common psychology.

A novel and beautiful gift packaging box can have an amazing feeling at the first sight, thus attracting the attention of consumers and arousing consumers' desire to buy.

For different countries, regions or ethnic groups, the tone and color are also different.

Due to the different social systems, religious beliefs and customs, people have different preferences and taboos for colors.Therefore, when buying gift packaging box wholesale, please do a full market understanding first.

In addition,some interesting contents on the packaging can also attract consumers’ shopping demand.

What’s more,target groups is also an important factor to take into account.

For example,gift packaging box for children should pay attention to the modeling, color, and pattern.

Modeling should be exaggerated, novel;color should be bright and rich in changes;patterns should be expected to be large and vivid, such as a variety of cartoon images.

In short, buying gift packaging box wholesale should be considered according to the image, characteristics, target groups and other comprehensive considerations.



Generally speaking, gift packaging boxes pay attention to the high-end atmosphere.

Therefore, in terms of box structure, the shape of the gift packaging box is mainly stable.Contrast and coordination, symmetrical balance, stability and center and proportional size are all considered factors.

Common design structures of gift packaging box are flip cover type, drawer type, combination type, portable type and so on.



Most of the target group of the gift packaging box is children, and its safety must be paid attention to.

Children's safety awareness is weak while curiosity is strong , so when choosing the gift packaging box should pay attention to the gift box sharpness, decoration, material to avoid the occurrence of children's accidental injury.


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You must also consider the material used for gift packaging box.

Some gift packaging boxes are made of recycled paper, which are not good to use as gift packaging material, because gift packaging boxes made of recycled paper are not sturdy and durable. They also tend to tear when in contact with the gift even if the gift is light weight and small in size.

Cardboard gift packaging boxes are more durable than those made of recycled paper. Cardboard gift packaging boxes are also fun to decorate and look more creative .

You also need to note that if the gift packaging box needs to be mailed or carried over a long distance, then be sure to take into account the firmness of the gift packaging box, also consider that there will be bumps, rain, bumps, extrusion and other problems, such as wear prevention, waterproof, toughness, etc.

5.Environmental protection

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Nowadays,health and environmental protection is a hot topic, and any product must take into account its health and environmental protection.Especially for the gift packaging box,product in high demand , improper handling can easily bring healthy and environmental problems.

The good news is people are constantly studying new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods, striving to minimize the harm to the environment, and even achieve completely harmless.

In the packaging box making materials, manufacturers usually choose shock-proof and impact-resistant eco-friendly pulp molding; use small volume, light weight , easy to decompose eco-friendly materials.


As the economy continues to develop, people are more and more concerned about the gift packaging, from the beginning of the bags, paper, plastic, iron cans until the exquisite gift packaging box and its manufacturing technology.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate gift packaging box wholesale.I hope the above five practical advice can help you succeed in buying gift packaging box wholesale.

Want to know the best part?

Boxes are more than just a way to pack and ship items safely. With the right design to best represent your brand, the humble box can also boost brand recall and offer a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

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