Cheap Wholesale Watch Boxes-7 Recommended Wholesalers

Everyone has a watch they treasure, whether it is a family heirloom passed down from one generation to the next, or a luxury timepiece bought just for its looks.

Regardless of how much the watch costs, keeping it safe in a cardboard box is not only risky but also harms the value of watch in the long run. So,a watch box is the best way to keep it protected.

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When it comes to buying cheap wholesale watch boxes, we have to tread carefully; after all, we are only one click away from poor quality, disappointing results.

Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed decision to who you think can provide you with the best wholesale watch boxes.

Now,let’s take a comprehensive look at seven wholesale watch box companies.


TIMI provides OEM & ODM services for the production of cardboard boxes, pit boxes, paper bags, custom labels, stickers, advertising stickers, laser stickers, children's book printing, picture book, storybook printing, board books, coloring books, periodicals, college textbooks and other custom paper products.

Its factory is equipped with the most advanced technology and techniques, and its innovative team provides the best expertise.

TIMI is constantly updating its technology and adding new equipment to improve productivity and quality. It has two Heidelberg printing machines, Two CTP machines,10 after-printing process machines,2 streamlines production line.

For over 20 years of experience in Printing & packaging filed, TIMI is of full ability to handle any and all projects and also has the certifications that make work more efficient: ISO9001, Walmart, Disney WCA, MSI, BVQ1.

The TIMI team, which is available online all day every day to serve its customers at a cost savings for them, makes professional quality printing available to everyone.

Its payment terms are available for OA 30/60/90/120 days if your company have a good payment record.

And its 14 years of experience in exporting, familiar with logistics and world port policy provides customers fast and steady sea shipment, air freight, express.

Due to its persisting effort,TIMI has become No.1 and star in the domestic printing service industry, the largest number of well-known customers in the world, and completed the sales tasks set by the company.

TIMI is now dedicated to leading the industry to change the trend and improving the development level of the industry.

2.Guangzhou SUNDO Packaging Box Co., Ltd(China)

Guangzhou SUNDO Packaging Box Co., Ltd in business since 2010, is a leading national supplier of OEM&ODM for wooden packaging, leather packaging, metal packaging and paper packaging, etc.

SUNDO provides comprehensive packaging and display solutions of unequalled quality at a cost-effective price.

SUNDO’s considerable in-house design expertise enables it to develop basic concepts and rapidly transform them into production.

SUNDO continues proceeding with professionalism to maintain &control every stage of the manufacturing based on the advantages of cost and capability in China , SUNDO additionally provides all customers with dedicated aftersales service.


DELUXE BOXES has offset and screen printing machines, punch press automats, embossing machines, UV varnish, hot laminate and other latest cutting edge equipment to ensure that all the products it prints have finest quality and design.

DELUXE BOXES strives to turn its clients into brand advocates by offering them quality products, competitive price range, efficient customer support and an unforgettable service experience.

DELUXE BOXES has partnered with the most trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers in the industry and uses quality sealed manufacturing materials and inks in printing processes.

DELUXE BOXES has a turnaround time of 10-15 days, free shipping and free design support. It offers customers custom luxury packaging solutions based on needs and liking.

DELUXE BOXES has a team of emotionally intelligent, learned and experienced individuals, who have active communication and problem solving skills.

Its graphic designers, sales team, custom support agents all are trained to handle all sorts of customers, queries and issues. Customers are likely to get timely, detailed and empathetic responses from its team.

4.YDP Quality Packaging (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd(China)

YDP Quality Packaging (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd was established in 2005, headquartered in Shenzhen,China.

YDP is a professional provider of high-end brand packaging solutions, serving dozens of Fortune 500 customers and hundreds of high-end brands, specializing in custom jewelry box to provide competitive packaging products,solutions and design, committed to continuing to enhance brand value for customers.

Its products mainly includes 3 series:

1)Jewelry package;

2)Watch package;

3) Storage cases.

Totally YDP has around 8000 ㎡ production area. From raw material purchasing to production and delivery, YDP has an entire full management and professional employees.

Total YDP has 5 full automatic production line, 7 semi automatic production line, printing machine 5 sets, lamination machine 2 sets, UV and hot stamping machine 12 sets, cutting machine 5 sets.

The products quality are 100%control before packing, YDP has totally 35 inspection workers and 5 workers for each production line who have years experience in the production and all of them are strict on the products quality.

5.Tenda Pack(China)

Tenda Packaging Industrial is a prestigious packaging factory which focuses on OEM & ODM service since 2009, specializes in manufacturing and exporting jewelry gift packaging and other printed custom packaging boxes in China.

Tenda has been supplying bespoke packaging to various industries and many of the world’s major multiple retailers, wholesalers, traders and corporations.

For over 10 years Tenda has assisted thousands of corporations and individuals with branded jewelry boxes, watch boxes, cosmetics packaging, perfume packaging, printed rigid paper boxes, paper tube boxes, paper shopping bags, custom printed boxes and much more.

Tenda has delivered world class creation and quality at a very competitive pricing to North America, Europe, Middle East and other countries, meaning that it has up to 80% market share overseas.

Tenda’s dedicated and experienced teams are on hand to guide customers in creating a successful and effective packaging plan for their products, whatever the material or construction or even artwork design.

The charming and well-designed boxes are rarely thrown away once the consumer has consumed the contents, it can be re-used for storage and brands can continue to be in the consumer’s memory for longer than most other packaging concepts.

Tenda’s strong merchandising teams provide one-stop service, monitor each procedure to find and solve problems in mass production.

Its skillful workers and professional management team ensure the best quality and on-time delivery.

6.Emenac Packaging(America)

Emenac Packaging offers customized printing and packaging solutions for all business needs.

Emenac Packaging has technologically advanced digital and offset presses which ensure that every packaging box it prints has supreme quality.

Emenac Packaging’s accomplished designers provide amazing artwork choices for all kinds of boxes. It doesn’t charge its valued customers for design preparation.

Emenac Packaging’s production team is very efficient which helps it in completing every task in minimum time span. Timely printing and shipment are the core values of its company. Emenac Packaging takes pride in delivering the best solution at reasonable price.

Cardboard boxes, Kraft boxes, corrugated boxes, window boxes, die cut boxes and wedding boxes come under its range of expertise. From these box types, Emenac Packaging accepts the responsibility to manufacture spectacular packaging for electronics, food items, toys, cosmetics, etc.

Emenac Packaging has been fulfilling the packaging needs of thousands of businesses across the globe. It has achieved a magnanimous success in short period of time due to its premium printing services, fastest turnaround, free shipping and unique customised designing.

Emenac Packaging is helping many macro and mini businesses in their packaging needs. For specific events, it offers exciting favour and gift boxes with special discounts. Customer satisfaction is its top priority.

7.The Premium Boxes(Britain)

The Premium Boxes is a name known by many in a very short period of time by delivering premium printing and packaging services for personal and professional use.

The Premium Boxes takes pride in the fact that it has a large number of return customers of all sizes from industries to apparel brands to entrepreneurs.

The Premium Boxes is most preferred by its customers for providing premium quality printing and packaging services in a very affordable price.

Its team of designers provides new and unique ideas which are seen nowhere else. The team listens to customers’ ideas, add their experience to it and then develop packaging for customers’ valuable merchandise that also exhibits the value of customers’ brand.

Even though The Premium Boxes offers premium printing and packaging services, it doesn’t overcharge its customers.

The reason that it is able to charge the lowest in the entire industry for a premium service is because it has in-house team of designers, manufacturing units and the latest packaging manufacturing technology which allows it to give customers a price quote that will not find anywhere else for the quality it offers.

One thing that you will find the best about The Premium Boxes is that it offers the best services in a very short time.

On time” printing and delivery is reason why once the customers place an order with The Premium Boxes, the customers will go nowhere else for their packaging and printing requirements. After confirming an order, The Premium Boxes delivers it within 10 – 12 business days along with Free Shipping at door steps.


So there you have it, a small round-up of seven amazing cheap wholesale watch boxes companies. Each comes with some fantastic benefits, and there will be one of the seven that will meet your needs.

Want to know the best part?

Why look further when TIMI can be your one stop solution, we deliver above expectations!


Feel free to get in touch with us and let us give your product the best packaging it deserves in a cost that you can’t find anywhere else!





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