Bound Book-15

Learning to draw has never been easier!
Add drawings to a composition with fun colors and kids will have their very own piece of art to enjoy or gift!
This book is ABSOLUTELY DARLING! It s not only fun for children, but for as an artsy adult it s so fun to get back to the basics of doodling with my children.
It perfectly breaks cute designs into tiny, easy to digest step that any toddler and parent can enjoy. It s truly a delight! 

Why print your book with Timi?

Timi is a book printing company staffed by self-publishing experts utilizing the world's best book printing and binding equipment. Children’s books are fun, engaging, and will shape a child’s learning for years to come. Timi Printing has the experience needed for children’s book printing and binding for young children’s books and young adult books. Every individual book publishing project is different, the results are always the same:

• Eye-popping colors


• Crisp and even ink coverage.


• Quality paper stocks.


• Sturdy, tight book binding.

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